Martini’s Hairdressers & Beauty Salon

You have just found the best hairdresser in Braintree, Essex and you have also discovered a great beauty salon in Braintree too. The whole package is known as Martini’s Pamper Parlour – a place where all your hair ¬†and beauty needs are met in an intimate, personal and boutique environment. Martinis Pamper Parlour is a little piece of heaven for your hair and body.


Refresh your style or go for something completely different. The Martini’s hairdressing team will help you choose the right look for you.

Hair Extensions

If you have¬†always lusted after long hair, if you want to create a certain look or if you just need some extra volume, then Martini’s can offer you two different types of hair extensions.

Beauty Room

Only the best is good enough for Martini’s Pamper Parlour clients which is why you will find the world leading CACI Non-Surgerical Beauty Solutions within Martini’s Beauty Salon in Braintree.

Brow & Lash Lounge

We just love helping you enhance your eyes here at Martini’s and we can offer you a host of services to ensure your eyelashes and eyebrows are simply gorgeous.

High Definition Make-up

The fantastic new High Definition Make-up collection is now available from Martini’s Pamper Parlour in Braintree, Essex.